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Curriculum Bonus Time

Extra-curricular activities are a fundamental pillar of the Chapeltown Academy experience.

We passionately believe that participation in activities outside the classroom should continue into your late teens - especially when your study gets more intense. This builds character and fitness, gives you the chance to develop additional skills, and allows you to meet new people and try new things. - It also gives you the chance to take your mind off your work, which is very important to maintain a healthy overall lifestyle.

How will Extra-Curricular Activities be Delivered?

Curriculum Bonus Time (CBT): A period of time is built into the end of every school day (apart from Fridays) for extra-curricular activities. It might be that you play football on an evening for your club, or volunteer with the girl guides, or do any number of other things. In any case you will have a termly plan for the use of Curriculum Bonus Time which will be signed off by your Tutor.

Lunch Times: Our lunch times are deliberately long enough to give you time to relax, eat and participate in a lunch-time activity if you so choose.

Vacations: The longer and more frequent vacations mean departments can run residential trips which do not disrupt your learning at A-Level. Each department will run at least one trip during each school year, which might be UK-based or overseas. These trips will be optional but relevant to the subject you are studying. They will give you a great opportunity to interact with your classmates and teachers in a different setting, and to really explore the subject through a different context.

What Extra-Curricular Activities will be on Offer?

All Chapeltown Academy teachers will be responsible for delivering multiple extra-curricular activities. This is part of their employment contracts, and is reflected in the recruitment process for all teachers, a member of staff will also be responsible for coordinating this provision.

The activities offered will align to the enthusiasms and specialities of the teachers delivering them, combined with the interests of the current cohort of pupils. It is anticipated that activities available will include the following, though this is a fluid list and will be added to and amended on an annual basis:

  • Sports: Football, tennis, cricket, golf, rugby (U), athletics, hockey, table tennis, squash
  • Music: Choir, personal musical instruments
  • Dramatic: The school production, improvised comedy
  • Arts: Sculpture and art
  • Languages: Mandarin, Arabic, Italian
  • Other Interests: Young Enterprise (where you run your own small company), Model United Nations, debating

If you have suggestions or ideas for a new club or society that you wish to see on offer, then you will be encouraged and supported to set this up yourself, with the full weight of the Academy behind you.

All of you will be supported through your University application and if, for example, you are interested in applying for Medicine or to Oxbridge extra interview preparation and enhancement sessions will be provided at the relevant times.

Work Experience

Work experience is now fundamental to success in the world of work and many of you will have done some already in Year 10.

We will seek to arrange work experience placements through our network of business mentors for students who want to benefit from an additional opportunity. It is clear that relevant, meaningful experience of this nature demonstrates to employers that you have a commitment and willingness to immerse yourself in the real world.

In addition we will invite people from industry to deliver sessions and workshops to give you continuing insight. Career decisions must be well-informed and these sessions, combined with your exposure to your business mentor, means you will have the knowledge at your disposal to make sensible and appropriately ambitious career choices.

Student Executive

The Student Executive will represent student views to the Academy’s Leadership Team and (where relevant) its Governing Body. Every year there will be elections to the Student Executive where every student will be able to vote on who should represent you on whole-school issues.

This is designed to give you a real and exciting taste of both the voting and representational element of the democratic system, as well as to give you the opportunity to continue to shape and direct life at the Academy at the highest levels.

The Student Executive will lead on particular initiatives; especially on developing relationships with community organisations and local primary and secondary schools. The Academy’s Leadership Team will support the Student Executive through a progressive, collaborative relationship.