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Philosophy of Enrichment

The philosophy behind our term structure is very much “work hard, play hard”. Modelled on the shorter terms at leading universities we believe short, sharp bursts of energy followed by significant periods of consolidation and relaxation are the most effective methods for students to make rapid, sustained progress.

Short academic terms allow you to stay motivated and focussed, and to learn well. Similarly, we will expect of you to throw yourself into the extra-curricular activities in a manner that is determined such that you can be the best you can possibly be in those pursuits.

Two week breaks allow multiple opportunities. They allow you:

  • to relax after a hard term.
  • to take holidays at different times of the year.
  • to consolidate your work at a gentler pace and commit more things to memory.
  • to provide the Academy’s various curriculum areas to put on meaningful residential school trips.
  • to know that the most immediate opportunity to catch up with anything significant is just around the corner.
  • to make trips to universities with family and friends at different points in the school year, without missing out on key time at the Academy.

It is worth noting that the first term is slightly longer to allow for transition from Year 11 and for you to get used to studying at the Academy. The final (post exam) term is shorter to allow a more focussed period where you can research university options. The Academy will not labour the start of your A2 (Year 13) courses, in June and July 2019 - you’ll be ready for a break!