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Soft Skills

At Chapeltown Academy we will prepare you to succeed in professional careers, by equipping you with the ‘soft skills’ necessary to achieve in the world of work. These soft skills encompass areas such as communication, emotional outlook, and critical thinking.

These include the ability to:

  • Communicate persuasively and diplomatically
  • Challenge and question information presented to you
  • Self-reflect and evaluate your own and others’ performance
  • Manage time effectively

Soft skills are hugely valued by employers, who all too often bemoan their shortage amongst new recruits.

You will be different. By learning and developing these skills to a high level as young adults, and before most of your contemporaries across the country, you will have an invaluable advantage when you enter a professional career. You will have the whole package – the attributes required not just to enter the top professions, but to thrive within them.

All these skills will be taught via our ‘Soft Skills Passport’. This is an ‘e-portfolio’ of the most essential soft skills, and over the course of your two years with us, you will demonstrate your progress against each of them, through a programme to be agreed between you and your Tutor. By citing examples from extra-curricular activities, the seminar-style tutorials, the enrichment trips offered, and (if you chose to undertake it) the Extended Project Qualification, you will be able to provide real-life evidence showing how you have acquired these essential skills over time.