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What Our Students Say

I'm currently writing this at midnight, sat at my desk in my uni flat. I've just written out my timetable for first year and today I registered as an official student at the University of Sheffield and it just hit me, that I had a big thank you to say.

Attending a Russell Group University, getting to study what I love, and ultimately being one step closer to achieving my dreams was something that during my GCSE years seemed unattainable, and I never could have imagined that I would be here today. Coming to Chapeltown Academy changed that, it really gave me hope that there was a future for me, and a chance to really get somewhere, and although there were a few wobbles in that faith, it was something that ultimately inspired me to carry on.

Without Chapeltown Academy, I would never have had the chance to take part in some of the amazing extra curricular activities, I would have never had the amazing teachers with incredible subject knowledge and so much time and attention to give to me and helping me to achieve my potential and I would have never had the supportive environment which gave me the courage to strive for something bigger and better.

So I want to thank you, for starting Chapeltown Academy, for giving up your time and so much else in order to give me a chance, for pouring your heart and soul into the college, for working so hard even when things were tough and most importantly for inspiring and encouraging me every single step of the way, even when I found it tough

I  am so glad that I found Chapeltown Academy and I truly hope that so many more can have an experience like I did.

Thank you and please keep offering the amazing opportunity that is Chapeltown Academy to others.

Libby, Sheffield

I chose Chapeltown Academy because it felt less like a machine than other sixth-forms I had visited; it feels like the focus is less on discipline. It’s more academic but less formal than other places. That was what I was looking for when I was thinking about A-levels.

Abdalla, York, PPE

The main thing that I have enjoyed being at Chapeltown Academy is the small friendly atmosphere that the college has and I like that it has a close-knit community

Heather, Warwick, History & German

At Chapeltown, I learned the true value of education.

Connor, King's College London, Liberal Arts

Meeting so many ambitious people and being able to have academic freedem within such a small community. Having small classes has been the thing I have appreciated the most, it's allowed me to develop so much more.

James, Leeds, International Relations

I have learnt a lot at college. Most of all I appreciate the kindness and learning facilities Chapeltown provided.

Liam, Economics & Politics, Leicester

I have enjoyed the opportunities that this college has given me. The trips have been very enjoyable.

Anya, Geography, Cardiff

I have really loved the small classes at Chapeltown. They not only make it easier to get to know people but also make it so much easier to get help on topics that you find difficult.

Kosana, French and Russian, Sheffield