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Government and Politics


Politics is a dynamic, exciting and challenging subject.  The political world is constantly changing. Will the UK stay a member of the EU?  Will Scotland leave the Union? Which party will take control? Is the UK political system better than others?  By doing this course you will develop a critical awareness of the nature of politics and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes.  You will acquire knowledge and understanding of the structures of political decision-making in the UK, EU and USA. 

The course and its structure

In the first year you will learn about how, and whether, democracy works in the UK and EU.  The initial focus is on elections, electoral systems and voting behaviour, and on political parties and pressure groups.  We then explore how the state functions on our behalf, learning about how our representatives work in parliaments and governments, as well as about the impact of constitutions, the judiciary and our membership of the EU.  In the second year we reflect on how this is all done in the USA, before comparing it to the UK.


It is clearly essential that a truly living topic like Politics is witnessed firsthand.  The London study visit takes Politics students to the Supreme Court and the Houses of Parliament.  Opportunities to meet MPs, Councillors and Lords are also arranged.


Entry Requirements

5 5's, including English Language, and a 4 in Maths

Where does it take you? By developing the skills of critical analysis, sustained argument, independent research and essay writing, Politics is an excellent foundation for many degrees.  Likewise numerous careers can follow – journalism, law, campaigning, social work, education, humanitarian work and of course politics itself. 

In twenty years time you could be entering No. 10 Downing Street!

Tutor: Tim Montgomery, Teacher of Government and Politics,

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