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Virtual Induction Week- June 2020



Below are a range of activities and information for you to access at any time.


Tour Around the Academy with Headteacher's Welcome





Seagull Dojo (thanks to our friends at The Flying Seagull Project)

Learn new skills of juggling, balancing, yoga, puppetry and crafting. 





Success Stories and Destinations

Interviews and case studies from past and current students, sharing their experiences and advice.




Wellbeing and SEND at Chapeltown

An insight from Helen as to what our wellbeing & SEND provision looks like. Opportunity to book 1:1 appointments to discuss in more detail by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Subject Pre-recorded Activities



Research task on current events.

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English Literature

10 tips for your summer preparation...see you in September!



English Language and Literature

A quick intro to English Language and Literature with Brigidin




Poster or podcast challenge— should Governments be able to just get on with running the country without Parliamentary scrutiny?




How do businesses stay ahead in these turbulent times? An opportunity to showcase your research and journalist skills in this topical challenge!

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How might the media giants exploit their power? How can we nudge society to protect the environment? Does there always need to be winners and losers? Use your journalist skills to dig deep and find answers to these questions.

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Explore social influence conforming to social roles with Rachel.




How does the society we live in shape our lives? Whether it’s the structure of society itself or how we, as individuals, interact with it, our experiences are all different. Explore how your social class, gender and ethnicity can increase or limit your of chances of success. Use your own experiences and reflections to help understand you own and others’ lives in our ever changing society.

Preparing for A Level Sociology





Challenge Oman- Join Michelle in virtually visiting the Rub Al Khali in Oman, the largest sand desert on earth - also known as 'The Empty Quarter'.  We'll face the challenges experienced by Omani Explorer Sheikh Saleh Bib Kalut Al Kathiri and British Explorer Bertram Thomas in 1931 as they tried to become the first people to cross this desert, and see what we can learn about resilience on the way.

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An introduction to French with Louise including where French can take you and a mini session on trips, idiomatic expressions and quiz.

French Induction

French Quiz

French Links





Join Owen as he talks you through the history of one of his favourite mathematicians, the joys of doing Maths for its own sake and there is the opportunity to carry out your own investigation into how to rise to the challenge of filling in sudoku grids- prize for the contribution that does the best job of communicating good ideas (even if incomplete/incorrect)! 

Sudoku Puzzle