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English Language and English Literature


Are you looking for a course which will combine your love and appreciation of literature with the opportunity to develop your own creative writing skills? Then English Language and Literature at Chapeltown is for you! Throughout the course, we will study a very wide variety of texts, focusing on different elements including literary and linguistic techniques, contextual factors, authorial intentions, and narrative themes.

The different texts we will study will encompass both fiction and non-fiction, and will include prose, transcripts, play scripts, reviews, poetry, advertisements, and blogs to name but a few. We will work together to analyse these texts from a variety of angles, using both a broad literary lens and a close linguistic analysis. In addition to this, English Language and Literature gives you the opportunity to develop and refine your own interests in creative writing, and we will look as a class at the different techniques and skills you can employ to produce insightful and imaginative pieces.

At AS we will study an Anthology which covers over thirty different types of text about Paris, using close analysis to explore each text and to consider how the author has presented the city. It is during the study of this Anthology that you will also get the chance to flex your creative muscles by penning a piece based on re-creating one of the texts in a different genre. We will also read The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood and a selection of poetry by Carol Ann Duffy. We will be concentrating on how these two fantastic authors present time and space, and how they use narrative voice.

If you love reading both fiction and non-fiction texts, and would relish the opportunity to develop your own writing skills, then English Language and Literature would be a great choice. Guest speakers in English Language and Literature lessons might include literary and linguistic specialists from other colleges and universities, university undergraduates, poets, writers, journalists, or people working in the advertising industry. These speakers will provide you with invaluable information and insights to help you with the English Language and Literature course, and will also provide you with an opportunity to think about the careers people go into after studying English Language and Literature at University. As a student of English Language and Literature, you might want to get involved in some of the activities on offer at Chapeltown Academy, such as the Creative Writing club or the Debating Society, and we often run visits to see plays at local theatres.

Entry Requirements

5 in English Language and 5 in English Literature. (If you’ve only studied English Language you’ll need an 8 grade in this subject).


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