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Financial Support


Student Bursary Scheme

If you need financial assistance then Chapeltown academy can help if you fall under the bursary requirements below!
The eligibility criteria for al discretionary bursaries are as follows:

All applicants must be aged over 16 and under 19 at 31st August before the academic year in question.

  • Your household income is below £20,000
  • The cost of your travel to the Academy is high as you have to catch several buses/Trains/Trams
  • Family circumstances including single parent families, or where the student is a Carer, or there are several dependent children in the family or the student is a parent themselves
  • Other criteria including students who have been eligible for free school meals or are/have been a 'looked after child' in the last three academic years. (These students are not automatically entitled bo a bursary but their circumstances may mean they fall into the above catagories)

Download the Bursary Application form below to find out more:


 Click here to download the Bursary Application form.