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Support at Chapeltown Academy

Chapeltown Academy provides unrivalled support for its students, many of whom have commented that being part of the Academy is like being part of a welcoming and rather studious family! Because we are small, the individual support and attention we provide is unbeatable. The Head Teacher, subject teachers and support staff all know our students well and we provide a warm, encouraging, academic atmosphere which ensures that our students get the best results possible.


We provide our students with very comprehensive support so that the important transition from GCSEs to A Levels is as smooth as possible. In Year 11, we provide a range of Open Days, Taster Sessions, Transition Days, GCSE revision classes, one-to-one support and Master Classes. The student handbook also provides suggestions for summer reading and other activities which will help you to prepare for beginning A Level study.

During your first weeks at Chapeltown Academy, you will benefit from our robust transition support in classes and in your tutor group. You will be given a course file for each subject, for example, containing the schedule for classes and seminars, the subject specification, past papers, examiners’ reports and a variety of other resources to help you to keep focussed and stay organised. Everybody at the Academy is there to help and to make sure that you settle in happily and make good progress. Just ask if there is anything you need to know.


You will be assigned to a Tutor who will stay with you throughout your time at the Academy. They will provide pastoral support as well as academic advice and they will usually be your first port of call for any issues that might arise during your time with us. Your tutor will get to know you extremely well and will help the Head Teacher and UCAS coordinator write your UCAS references or professional references in due course. The carefully designed preparing for the future programme provides an excellent framework to support your development towards young adulthood. For example, you will have sessions on careers, financial literacy, university applications and health and well-being.


The academy is now separated into four Houses, named after some of our outstanding first cohort; Ibrahim, Khan, Audsley and Crossland. These students encompass what we believe to be the core principles of Chapeltown Academy.

Through the house system students compete for the James Knight House Cup by gaining house points in friendly competitions in various activities, both academic and non-academic.Through this system we hope to encourage both friendly rivalry as well as a sense of belonging and camaraderie.


All our first year students have a ‘buddy’ from the year above to help them settle in and feel at home at the Academy. We also provide excellent support for students with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities (such as dyslexia), Counselling services, bursary funding for students whose families are on low incomes, extra support for students who are capable of working at undergraduate level, small class sizes and one-to-one support whenever it’s needed. The level of support which we provide is truly exceptional – come and join us and find out how we can support you on your journey towards fulfilling your ambitions.