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Chapeltown Academy student wins England cap as assistant manager

Superstar Hannah wins England Cap as Assistant Manager!

Former Chapeltown Student Hannah Bacon is currently at Leeds University, where she studies English Literature with Creative Writing. Talented Hannah has just had the powerful first poem in her collection, Women of Steel, published and it is a double win for Hannah as she has also just been awarded her England Cap as Assistant Manager and Coach for the England Walking Football Community.

We caught up with Hannah when she popped in to see her former teachers and she told us why she is so passionate about what she does…

I absolutely love sport, I think it is so important for both mental and physical wellbeing. It’s a pleasure to coach women in such a male dominated sport and watching them thrive is inspiring. It’s great seeing them constantly improve in confidence and ability. We have a laugh every time we play or train and I think the friendships we make is what I love most about coaching. We are like one big (perhaps crazy) family!

We asked Hannah to share some highlights…

Highlights, singing the National Anthem on the pitch surrounded by family and friends. I thought I was going to cry… however, some of the women’s out of tune singing managed to put me off!  Also, I love the coach journey back home from matches… Some very strange but hilarious conversation topics!! Plus winning my England Cap of course!’

The secret of your success?

I think organisation is key. The England Walking Football set up is that we meet every 3/4 weeks and so I always make sure to plan sessions well in advance. I also have a very supportive manager, Eilis, and the rest of the players who always encourage me to put my Uni work first which definitely alleviates some of the pressure which I appreciate.
At the moment I absolutely love doing what I’m doing. I am very lucky to coach some absolutely fantastic and inspiring women! I am looking forward to 2022 as we have more international fixtures in the pipeline and so I am hoping we keep up our ‘invincible’ record of clean sheets and victories. Come on Ladies!!

Do you keep in touch with your teachers at Chapeltown?

Absolutely!  I will always be grateful for my time at Chapeltown Academy. I had some great times there and made some friends for life. The college helped me on both an academic and personal level. I just want to say a special thank you to Brigidin and Helen. You both went above and beyond in supporting me at college and ensured that my time there was enjoyable. Legends!

Congratulations Hannah – you are a superstar!

Women of Steel    


by Hannah Bacon



Reyt strong that, your stainless steel

outshines the scratches

of the men who tried to blunt your blade.

(Deemed only sharp enough to cut

the rationed canned spam)

Regardless, you stayed there

side by side

in your weathered overalls.

The furnace did not melt you

but forged your strength into

Bronze, that glowed as bright

as the searchlights, that

protected our city from

burning into