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Chapeltown Student Plans a Career in Criminal Law

Student Savana wowed a staff audience recently with her Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) presentation on her favourite subject – Law and the criminal justice system

We caught up with Savana and put a few questions to her.


      When did you first become interested in Law?

In year 10 when I was thinking about college options. I was drawn towards the study of law at A level and criminal law in particular. I want to be a criminal barrister! I have a place at University and my course will include a year in Boston in America studying the American system. I am excited about that!


You have a real passion for law – what is it that makes you passionate?

I am passionate about it. I think it is the way that you can really make a change in someone’s life perhaps when they are at their lowest. It is so important that everyone is entitled to a free and fair trial. I know the system has its failings but overall it does a lot of good. A right to a fair trial is a basic human right.


Why did you choose to study law at Chapeltown Academy and what has it been like?

 I really like the small size of Chapeltown. There is strong support to help you find the path to success and it is close-knit and very friendly. I have loved studying law at Chapeltown. The lessons are engaging and fascinating.


What do your family think?

My mum always used to say she knew I was headed for a career studying law because I enjoyed arguing and winning the points over her!

I always stay calm – and win my points. She might try and get the upper hand but I always win.

When I was younger a teacher once suggested I do hair and beauty but I knew I wanted to be something very different.

I was determined to prove those who doubted me wrong. It felt like they thought I wouldn’t amount to anything. I wanted to not be judged by my socio-economic status – my mum and I are very close – she brought me and my siblings up as a single parent and I’m proud of her too!


Why the EPQ?

 I loved the opportunity to study something in depth.

It is a big challenge – but I am stubborn and determined – I wanted to prove I could do it! My topic was whether the criminal justice system is failing modern day society.


What an amazing topic why choose that?

Recent issues have made this a hot topic. However, I believe we should value the quality of the system – it is the people involved – the spirit to achieve justice.

Those I met including criminal barristers who inspired me are really trying to help those who need it.


What qualities do you need to succeed in your EPQ?

Determination, having a real curiosity and passion for a subject and keeping going!

I never thought I would be able to do a presentation to staff! Chapeltown brought out the confidence in me…


Chapeltown EPQ Lead Dr David Powell added,

‘Savana impressed everyone with the passion of her presentation! The EPQ is a fantastic opportunity to learn research skills ready for university and it also enables the student to develop their confidence in communication and presentation. It is a brilliant way to add to your profile and helps you stand out as an achiever – like Savana!’